Science and Humanities department is equipped with the following state of the art laboratories.

Chemistry Laboratory: The Chemistry Department comprises of well-equipped and spacious laboratory for practical training in the subject. Spectrophotometer, PH meter, calorimeter, glass distillation unit, electric balance, electric oven, thermostatic water bath, thermostatic hot plates are some of the major equipments available in working condition. All glass apparatus are of standard borosil and quality reagents required for the practical are available in the laboratory in sufficient quantity.

Physics Laboratory: Physics Laboratory has modern facilities and well-equipped laboratory. Physics Laboratory work, for the B.TECH is an important part of the course. It provides an opportunity for learning through observations to become familiar with the instruments and gaining experience in handing them.

Professional Communication Lab: Communication skills lab and Audiovisual language lab The Applied Science Department lays equal thrust on developing the student’s communication and soft skills to achieve comprehensive persona enhancement. This lab consists of Communication skills lab and Audiovisual language lab.