About the Department


The integrated department strives to create a platform for transition and reorientation of the incoming students towards an enduring engineering experience by providing them a sound foundation and firm base in the basic engineering skills and enhance their communicative capabilities in order to shape themselves into comprehensive professionals as well as giving them the much needed exposure to corporate environment.


  • To prepare the engineering undergraduates to negotiate their core subjects by equipping them with logic and problem solving skills in all basic subjects.
  • To imbibe language skills to make them proficient in fluent communication and effective expression and articulation of creative ideas.
  • To lead the students into exploration of new approaches of application-oriented and problem based learning to further strengthen their conceptual learning.

Finding Fundamentals & Sound Foundations

The Department of Science and Humanities provides the solid foundation for the students in reorienting them towards technical education, equipping them with knowledge in basic engineering streams and exposing them to a broad spectrum of subjects and disciplines like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Sciences and Management studies in addition to extensive training in Language and Communication Skills. The creative, critical, analytical and communicative faculties of the students are sharpened and fine-tuned.

The department is sufficiently supported and strengthened with well experienced members of faculty handling the subtleties making the students sensitive to the finer nuances of the concepts taught. All Laboratories are fully equipped to conduct the experiments as per the syllabus prescribed by the University. The language laboratories are provided with facilities for playing audio/video files, PA system and DLP projector along with interactive software for in-depth training and practice of the students. Unique additional value inputs are imparted in the areas of personality development, communication and soft skills.