The vision of Department of Mechanical Engineering at GIST in educating the next generation of leaders in Mechanical Engineering

  • Through excellence in training, research and innovation, the Department of Mechanical Engineering will be recognized as a leader of its discipline in a manner that exemplifies the traditions of learning, discovery, and engagement. The Department will be a center of excellence in the field of Mechanical Engineering where the best of teaching, learning and research synergise in producing high quality graduates.
  • Realizing the omnipresence of machines in every aspect of our lives the Department of Mechanical Engineering aspires to develop a structured course of learning enveloping the existing and advanced machine designs integrating with computer based learning to enable the students emerge as experts to enrich the country’s intellectual resources.
  • To become a vibrant Department in the Institution to make the undergraduate and graduate students as successful technocrats, entrepreneurs and academicians by providing state of art training and skills imbibed with ethical and moral values, leadership and behavioral qualities and dynamic professional attitudes to match the best in the Industry.


The mission of Department of Mechanical Engineering at GIST in educating the next generation of leaders in Mechanical Engineering

  • To provide students with a high quality educational experience in Mechanical Engineering that enables them to become leaders in their chosen profession, to create, explore and develop innovations in Engineering through research, to serve the community through educational, technical, entrepreneurial and professional activities.
  • To offer accessible quality training, research and innovation in order to produce leaders in power generation, renewable energy, automotive, manufacturing, maintenance, industrial system control, materials, mechatronics and marine systems to suit the needs of a dynamic world.
  • To respond effectively to the needs of the industry and changing world & to provide quality education in Mechanical Engineering stream to meet the challenges of the country.
  • To educate, prepare, and mentor students to excel as professionals by providing the facilities and environment conducive to a high quality education, well grounding the students in the fundamental principles of engineering and preparing them for diverse careers.
  • To enrich experiential learning of the students through field trips, industrial visits and real-time exposure to participate in creative projects, technical symposiums and research activities.

Moulding in the World of Machines

Machines are all-pervasive, virtually enveloping every aspect of our lives. Mechanical Engineering involves the analysis, design, manufacturing and maintenance of various systems. As one of the broadest engineering disciplines, the field requires a thorough understanding of the core concepts in several areas including Mechanics, Kinematics, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Materials Science, Heat Transfer, Production Technology and Energy.

The competent and committed faculty in the Department of Mechanical Engineering has extensive academic, research and industrial experience to chisel the students into quality technocrats. The department has a large workshop including Machine shop, Carpentry shop, Foundry shop, Sheet metal shop, Welding shop, Fitting shop and Forging shop to give a real-time practical exposure to the students. The laboratories are modern and sophisticated, equipped with the latest machines required in different fields of engineering. In addition, the department has original licensed software like AUTO CAD, CATIA, ANSYS for practice in the applications of design. Close interaction with industry and field trips are some high points of the department.

Mechanical engineering Department offers following courses:

Program Course Intake
Under Graduate(B.Tech) Mechanical Engineering 60