The Internal Complaint Committee (ICC) of GIST is hereby constituted with the following faculty members.

  1. Dr. Y. Jahnavi, Professor/CSE- Chair person
  2. Mrs. K Vijaya, Assoc. Prof. / S&H – Dy. – Chair person
  3. Mrs. SD. Ghousul Asvia Begum, Asst. Prof. / S&H / -Member
  4. Mrs. M. Gayatri, Asst. Prof. / S&H / -Member
  5. Ms. S.K. Shahina, Asst. Prof. / ECE / -Member
  6. Ms. P. Radhika, Asst. Prof. / CSE / -Member
  7. Mrs. P. Haritha, Lab Technician / ECE- Member
  8. Mrs. S. Neeraja, Lab Technician / ECE- Member

The Committee is constituted to protect women against any form of harassment or gender discrimination and to provide a means of redress should such cases arise. The purpose is to allow every employee to pursue their work in a safe and dignified environment. The Women’s Cell also aims to raise awareness regarding issues of bias and discrimination.