Two Day Workshop on IOT

IOT workshop



Two day workshop on IOT at GIST

A Two Day Workshop on IOT was held on 20-03-2017 and 21-03-2017 under the auspicious of CSE department .
Mr.Chandan Kumar Verma,Technical Consultant &Trainer of ElectroCloud Labs in Hyderabad and Mr.Sumanth Kumar,Embedded Engineer acted as the Resource Persons of the workshop.
The topics
1. Creating a Temperature Web server
2. Sending data from sensor to cloud
3. Sending data from sensor to twitter
4. Home Automation using android smart phone etc.., were extensively covered during the workshop

Prof.Dr.G.SubbaRao, principal,and Mr.N.SudakarRedddy, secretary and correspondent and Mrs.Y.Jahnavi, Hod of CSE department and Mrs.V.Gayatri, workshop coordinator , faculty and students took part in the workshop.

Day-1 Photo Gallery

Day-2 Photo Gallery