The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has a vision and burden of broadening the perspective of the learners beyond the class room and to make them into professionals capable of addressing the current challenges of the country in power sector by creative applications and innovative approaches, meticulously imparted to them in the class room.


  • To lead the students to hands-on experience of all aspects of theory by simulations in the laboratories and real-time exposure in the industry by organizing field trips and visits to various industries.
  • To create avenues of furthering their knowledge by starting PG programmes leading to extensive research.
  • To enrich their knowledge base through interaction with professionals with experience and expertise in the relevant fields by way of guest lectures and thus expand the scope of their technical skills.

Power that Empowers

The exponential growth of Industries punctuates the prominence of power sector, the provider of sources of energy. Application-orientation and real time experience are never more pronounced than in the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

Sensitive to these issues, GIST has established the department with faculty of proven credentials capable of translating theoretical processes into practical realities and providing adequate insights to the students into the integrated intricacies of electrical and electronic concepts.

The department boasts of a post graduate programme to its credit and offers diverse areas of research, centered on Intelligent Control, Optimization, Power Quality, Renewable Energy Sources, Power System Operation, Control Dynamics, Stability and FACT’s. Students are initiated and encouraged into supplementing their knowledge-base with simulations of various electrical systems in the customized laboratories with special machinery and equipment having all protective provisions and devices. The department is enriched with advanced laboratories and facilities like Electrical Engineering Lab, EMMI Lab, Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion Lab, Instrumentation Lab, Control Systems Lab, Electrical Simulation Lab, CAD Lab, Power Electronics Lab, Power Systems Lab and Project Lab.

Electrical & Electronics Department offers following courses:

Program Course Intake
Under Graduate(B.Tech) Electrical & Electronics Engineering 60


Program Course Intake
Post Graduate(M.Tech) Power Electronics 18