Electrical & Electronics department has well equipped laboratories offering facilities to work in all areas of Electrical Engineering. The laboratories exist in the department as follows :

Electrical Engineering Lab: The laboratory provides hands-on experience with DC and AC circuits that includes the applications of Kirchhoff’s laws, superposition and Thevenin equivalent circuits. Topics also include operational amplifier circuits, phasor diagrams and electric machines.

EMMI Lab: Students get familiar with basic electrical measuring instruments and understand principles of electrical measurement. Each student supposed to learn how to use an electrical equipment lab.

Electro-Mechanical Energy Conversion LAB: To examine the behavior of DC electric machines, synchronous m/c, induction m/c and transformer to evaluate the extent to which the basic machine models represent actual performance.

Instrumentation Lab: In this lab experiments are conducted using displacement transducers , velocity transducers. The measurement of distance, water level indicator , weight are carried out using various devices .

Control Systems Lab: In this lab the students are exposed to various control system components like servomotor, synchros, potentiometers as shaft error detector, Tachometers etc. First and second order systems are simulated on linear simulator units and analyzed. Experiments are conducted using P,PI,PID temperature controllers for oven.

Electrical Simulation Lab: Electrical engineering simulation software have been deployed so that the students or the engineers could study the performance of electrical devices, electric circuits, or electrical power system by creating computerized models.

CAD Lab: The purpose of this lab is to design the different parameter of dc motor, dc generator, induction motor, alternator, synchronous motor and transformer. With analytical method as well as with the help of software.

Power Electronics Lab: In this lab we perform experiments based on solid state devices having high power handling capacity. We also conducts practical in power converters like rectifiers, inverters, choppers & cyclo- converters which got wide applicability in domestic as well as in industrial applications.

Power Systems Lab: To introduce basic concepts of electric power system design, test of oil transformer, study of relays etc.

Project Lab: This lab is used for completing the final year projects. The lab is meant to provide computational and fabrication support for the project.