Electronics & Communications department is equipped with the following state of the art laboratories having all modern electronic design, testing, measuring and other instruments.

Electronics lab: The electronics circuit lab is meant for the better understanding of electronics. The lab provides facilities to understand and test various electronic devices and their characteristics to understand electronic circuits and system through training kits as well as by using discrete components and bread-boards. In the electronic circuit lab there are CROs, Function generators, power supplies and other equipment’s with diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, FET’s etc in bulk.

Digital Circuit lab: The digital circuit lab is established to make the student familiar with the modern and present day digital technologies. For the understanding of elements of digital techniques various digital IC’s and training kits are available with CRO’s ,Power supplies, Digital multimeters and digital IC tester to test the characteristics of IC’s and other components and devices.

Electronic Workshop & PCB Lab: In this lab students are acquainted with different techniques of making electronic circuit (printed circuit board) by using sophisticated instruments used for etching, drilling, printing of PCB etc. Facilities are also available to provide the basic knowledge of wiring & fitting and also fabrication of power supply. Communication Lab: The basics and advances in the field of communication both analog and digital can be studied in this lab using various equipment’s and components as per the prescribed syllabus. The variable experimental system consists of modulators, demodulators, transmitters and receivers.

Microprocessor Lab: This lab consists of various microprocessor kits like 8085 and 8086 on which students are trained to work various mathematical functions. They are made trained with the concept of interfacing microprocessor kit with peripheral devices like keyboard & printer etc.

Microwave Lab: Microwave lab consist of reflex klystron test benches, satellite communication receivers, Horn antenna trainer (used for radios and satellites) to understand the high frequency communication technologies, other equipments available are magnetron test benches, gun source test bench with facility of measurement of frequencies, VSWR, impedance and power of high frequency waves.

CAD of Electronics Circuit Lab: Software available in this lab are-1. ORCAD : For circuit simulation, PCB layout synthesis 2. MATLAB : Mathematical solution of signals and synthesis, simulation and testing of communication system, DSP application

Optical communication Lab: Optical fiber has rapidly become the most popular mediums for long distance transmission of data, voice and video signals. The advantages of optical fiber being extremely large bandwidth that it offers and low attenuation of the signal passing through it. Benchmark training kits on optical fiber experiments are available in the lab for performing experiments as per the list of UPTU.