Computer Science department provides extensive computing resources for research and education. This includes more than 200 high-performance computers in the range of Linux, Windows, and SUN workstations and a good number of laptop systems. In addition to general purpose Novell Netware server, the department maintains two specialized servers for database clients and Linux based workstations. Department network communications offers 6 Mbps connectivity to the commodity internet and provides intranet within the hi-tech lab, which hosts 6 laboratories. The department has wireless internet connectivity via 802.11b network to the laptops.

The department offers training in front end and back end technologies in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology through an elaborate set of laboratories consisting of the following:

Operating System Lab: In the operating system Lab students implement CPU utilization algorithm & programming, memory allocation & de-allocation. They are also implementing screen saver, system calls & interrupt handling.

OOP’S & DATA STRUCTURE Lab: In the OOP’S Lab they implement application program using J2EE for the maximum utilization of CPU using Multithreading, Java applets, JDBC concepts.

Computer Graphics Lab: In this Lab students perform the image & pixel level execution, different algorithms implementation for handling the graphics application.

DBMS Lab: In this lab oracle 10g is used to perform all the Database operation like database design creation at structure log file, control file and also DML, DCL, 7C4 DDL commands of Database in oracle 10g and MYSQL.

WEB Technologies Lab: All the advance experiments based on the Internet application, server side implantation with the help of web server and detail working of web server , Data Base server.

Distributed System Lab: In this lab Linux, C and J2EE software to implement the algorithms to implement the DS fundamental like Lampared Clock share of information, integrity & concurrency).

Compiler Design Lab: In this lab the complete concept of compiler design working and implementation using different tools like ( Yacc etc..)

Cryptography and Network Security Lab: All the cryptography algorithm are implemented for data encryption & description like RAS etc using the J2EE5, Turbo C++, Linux Enterprise Edition also net security technique.

E-Commerce Lab: In E-commerce lab student implement the & implementation of E-Commerce Concept using J2EE, JWS, Money Transaction using Cryptography Technique.

Software Engineering Lab: In Software Engineering Lab lab we implement the s/w project design to management using different Software Management tools.

IT Workshop Lab: This lab is having very good computing power with latest H/W & S/W and is mainly used for softskill training.

Networks and Case Tools Lab: In this lab different simulator are used to learn & implement the concept of n/w technology LAN, WAN, MAN & Data Communication. Including s/w & h/w like LAN TRAINER KIT, DELFNET2.0 Simulator for all network concepts(topology, collision detection, Data rate)

C Language lab: In this lab fundamental of programming concept like data types, Conditional & Control statement, Array, Structure, Union are implemented using Turbo Compiler C++.

Multimedia Lab: Multimedia lab is designed to give exposure about various multimedia software like Dreamweaver, Flash, Maya and various animation tools.

All the above labs are equipped with latest systems and powerful servers networked in three different environments – Linux, Windows & Novell Netware. Students also get access to the cyber world of information through Internet to keep pace with the latest developments in their respective fields. We provide Internet facility to the computer center in all the labs and one lab completely dedicated as Internet Lab.